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Just click the pdf link (the image), download the flyer, and fill it out to get started.

Payment methods accepted: (we list your methods here on your custom website)



If you wish to pay by PayPal here are the addresses to use below. Please make sure you send your funds via friends and family.


Box #1 Payee:   Email Address

Box #2 Payee:   Email Address

Bruce Ledgerwood:

To send funds by friends and family:

  • Log into your PayPal account. At the top click on money.

  • On the right hand side click on send or request money.

  • Enter the email address of the person you are sending funds to. Once you do you will see a pop up saying "sending to a friend". If it doesn't say that then click on the small word "change" on the right hand side. You will then have the option of sending to a friend or paying for an item or service. Make sure you click on sending to a friend. 

  • Next, put in the dollar amount you are sending. In the note section just put down your name.

  • Hit continue. It will have you review your transaction and if all is correct then hit send.

Cash App

If you wish to pay by Cash App here is the Cash App name to use below. 


Box #1 Payee:   Cash App Name

To pay through cash app:

  • Open your cash app

  • Click on the $ sign at the bottom of the app

  • Input the amount that you are sending

  • Click the pay button

  • Input the cash app name that you are sending the payment to

  • Click pay in the upper right

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